Remote Lockers

Hussar Municipal Library Remote Lockers offer holds pick-up and return. The lockers are located at Chinook Financial, 111 Centre Street, Hussar, and are accessible during bank hours.

NOTE: Chinook Financial staff are unable to open lockers or provide assistance. If you require assistance, please contact Marigold Library System during business hours at 1.855.934.5334, ext. 230.

To Collect Reserved Items

Press the collect items button on the Welcome Screen. This will display the patron login screen.

You can login by scanning your library barcode: place the parton ID card into the opening beneath the touchscreen. The opening will display a green dot when the barcode scanner is active. Or you can manually enter your library barcode by pressing the keyboard button. Enter the library barcode using the numbers on the keyboard and press OK.

If the library barcode provided is invalid, you will be prompted to try again. If you are still unable to open the locker please contact the Marigold Library System.

After a successful login, you will be taken to the collection screen, where you will also see your Account Information summary.

Your reserved items are listed by locker number and accompanied by a small icon to display the item type i.e. Book, Blu-ray, CD, DVD.

You have the option to open selected lockers, open all lockers or cancel the collection

Open Selected Lockers allows you to decide which lockers you wish to open. If you have multiple lockers, you may wish to take items from a selection of lockers now, and return for the other reserved items later. To open selected lockers: Press any title listed under the required locker number. All the items listed under that locker number will now become selected, and will be highlighted.

If required, you can select multiple lockers to open. Once all desired lockers have been selected press the Open Selected option. The number of individual items selected for collection is displayed in the grey row, located near the bottom of the screen. The selected lockers will open. Ensure that all items are removed from the locker, and close the locker door. The Finish screen will be displayed, detailing which items have been collected. Press Finish to proceed. The transaction is now complete. You cannot select individual items to collect. Once a locker is selected, and opened, all items assigned to the locker will be checked out to you, and all must be collected. Pressing Open All Lockers simply opens all the lockers assigned to the patron at the same time. Again, it is important that you collect all the reserved items, from all their assigned lockers. Selecting Cancel stops the collection process, and returns you to the Home screen.


Press the Return Items button on the Welcome Screen. You will be prompted to enter your log in details, either by scanning your library barcode, or manually entering the library barcode number using the keyboard. Selecting cancel will return you to the Welcome Screen.

Once a valid membership number has been entered, the touchscreen will direct you to put your items in to the bin. The slot labelled "RETURNS" will unlock. You should then push (push hard) the returning items through the letter box slot on the returns bin. Once you have finished returning your items, you should press Finish securing the returns slot.

Library Card Applications

Library card applications are available at the Remote Lockers. Please place completed library card applications in the "letter box slot." Marigold Library System headquarters will mail library cards to patrons once the library card has been created.

Alternately, you can apply online.

For more information contact:

Telephone: 1-855-934-5334, ext. 230